V12 From Two Toyota I6 Engines – Update 5

V12 From Two Toyota 1JZ I6 Engines

Our favorite V12 project is back with a two updates. Since our previous article the builder has been working hard on strengthening the frame and setting up locations for the driver’s seat, master cylinders, pedals, steering box, fuel tank, battery, radiator and intercoolers. The builder has also started shaping the body using foam insulation glued … Read more

V12 From Two Toyota I6 Engines – Update 4

full tube chassis hot rod with mid-engine V12 made from two Toyota inline-six engines

One of our favorite projects is back with a small update. In the photos you can see the builder re-working the shifter. It had to be moved more forward and the linkage increased after the seats were installed. You can also see the continued work on the turbo plumbing. While repairing a rear wheel bearing … Read more

V12 From Two Toyota I6 Engines – Update 3

V12 From Two Toyota inline-six Engines

Since our last update the builder has continued working on the full tube frame, suspension, and plumbing for the two Garrett GTX-3076 turbochargers. If you haven’t been following this project, the builder took two Toyota inline-six engines and put them together to make a V12. There is a long history of manufactures building V12s this … Read more

V12 From Two Toyota I6 Engines – Update 2

V12 From Two Toyota I6 Engines drivetrain

This amazing engine builder is back with more progress on his V12 being made from combining two Toyota Supra inline-six engines. Since our last update the builder has mated the engine to the transaxle. A frame mockup is being built using PVC to see how everything with fit. The cardboard box is half of a … Read more

V12 From Two Toyota I6 Engines Update

V12 engine being made from two Toyota 1JZ inline-six engines

It has been a while since we last wrote about the V12 engine build using two Toyota inline-six engines. Recently a relative of the builder posted new pictures and information. To start the V12 is being built from two 1JZ engines. The engine uses a custom crank from Scat Crankshafts with SBC main bearings, Honda … Read more

V12 from Two 1JZ Engines

I will be the first person to say I hope this is real and will see the finish line. Someone is developing a quad-turbo V12 using two Toyota 2JZ 1JZ inline-six engines. Combining two inline-six engines into a V formation has to be incredibly difficult. I can’t wait to see further progress. Updated: I added … Read more