Chainsaw Powered by Eight Cylinders

Here is a video of a guy with no fear using a chainsaw powered by a 253 cubic-inch Holden V8 to cut wood like it was nothing. Cheers to the operator. I am sure he is completely in control but something like that getting out of control would be worthy of a horror movie. Source: … Read more

Scion xB with Turbo 2JZ

Want to see a Scion xB smoke the rear tires easily? Papadakis Racing swapped a Supra 2JZ engine into this xB along with converting it to RWD. For more pictures please check source links. Source: Smog Check via CarDomain blog

SEMA 2009: 1947 Hudson Pickup with Power Stroke Diesel

Who knows if the original straight six was still under this 1947 Hudson pickup’s hood when this project started but in went a turbocharged 7.3L Ford Power Stroke engine. The engine comes with fire-ringed heads, 100hp injectors, and a big 88mm turbo. The engine is hooked to a ATS 4R100 transmission through an ATS Five … Read more

Dual Chevy V8 Buggy

Tired of the same old stuff in the hot rod community, Yannick Sire set off to create on something unique. Something that would combine dragster type power with the Rad Rod aesthetics. He also required it to be comfortable and dependable to drive. The engines are two Chevy 350 ci with AFR heads making about … Read more