Batman’s Tumbler Runs Off Detroit Power

Batman Tumbler

It seems with all the sophisticated technology Lucius Fox had at his fingertips he still decided to use dependable American small block to power Bruce Wayne’s Tumbler. The movie required the vehicle to all the stunts so it had to do a 0-60 in 5 seconds, be able to do 100 mph, and light enough to be able to do 30 foot jumps. Because the car uses a tube chassis and carbon fiber panels it weights 5,000 pounds. All I could find was that the engine is a 5.7L small blocked. Doing some simple math at the current weight and the 0-60 time, the engine would need to produce around 504 horsepower. The brakes were setup up so that the driver could use a hand brake and only make either the right or left side engage the brakes. This allowed for tight turns. The rear wheels are 37 inch 4×4 tires and the front are Hoosier racing slicks. Each Tumbler costs $250,000. Its good to see Bruce Wayne buys American.

Source: HowStuffWorks via Jalopnik


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