Belly Tank Hot Rod with a Chevy V8

Belly Tank hot rod with a Chevy 350 V8

Max and Kyle from RoadHeads stopped by Joe Alessandrino’s garage to talk about his custom Belly Tank hot rod. The project started in 2010 when Joe purchased a 150 gallon fuel tank from a WWII era P-47 Thunderbolt fighter aircraft. Then a friend told him a Chevy V8 couldn’t fit and he set out to … Read more


Detroit Diesel Hot Rod Update 3

Twin-turbo V16 Detroit Diesel 16V-71 Hot Rod

The last time we saw Arjan Kolkman’s Detroit Diesel hot rod it was waiting on the cab to be painted. Since then the custom hot rod has been finished and recently made its debut at the STP Truck Weekend in Koewacht, Netherlands. Powering this beast is a huge 18.6 L (1,136 ci) Detroit Diesel 16V-71 … Read more

LoveFab’s Enviate v2.0 Update

LoveFab's Enviate v2.0 Twin-turbo LQ9 V8 Pikes Peak race car

When we last wrote about LoveFab’s Enviate v2.0 project it was going through shakedown testing at the track. Since then testing has completed and the full carbon fiber body has been installed. The total weight of the car comes in at 2,098 lbs. Considering the lightweight hypercar is powered by a twin-turbo 6.0 L LQ9 … Read more

Huge Detroit Diesel Hot Rod Update 2

Twin-turbo V16 Detroit Diesel 16V-72 Hot Rod

I just came across an update from Arjan Kolkman on his Detroit Diesel Hot Rod. When we last saw the project it was in black primer and still needed work on the interior and the Allison 750 automatic transmission. The newest video shows the massive 18.6 L (1136 ci) 16 cylinder Detroit Diesel 16V-71 has … Read more

Huge Detroit Diesel Hot Rod Update

We posted about this massive Detroit Diesel hot rod before. Since then the builder posted a new video of it at a truck show. You can see the progress that has been made. The power plant is a twin-turbo 18.6 L (1136 ci) 16 cylinder Detroit Diesel 16V-71. The torque this monster is making must … Read more

Huge Detroit Diesel Hot Rod

This video shows a hot rod in the Netherlands being built around a massive 18.6 L (1136 ci) 16 cylinder Detroit Diesel 16V-71. This is one of the biggest engines in the 71 series, the others being a 7.0 L V6, 9.3 L V8, and 14.0 L V12, and the biggest a 27.9 L V24. … Read more