Nissan R33 with a Twin-turbo Mercedes V12

Christian Jæger Nissan R33 with a Twin-turbo Mercedes M120 V12

Christian Jæger is a driver for Unique Racing drift team in Denmark. In the previous season Christian drove his Nissan R33 with the factory 2.6 L RB26. However for the new season he decided to changes things up by sending the car to FUBAR Racing to have a M120.980 V12 from a Mercedes W140 600SE … Read more

Skyline R33 with LM7 V8

When it came time to decide to either rebuild the factory RB25 or opt for an engine swap, this owner decided in one swift move to set the internet on fire. The owner decided to remove the inline-six and replace it with a LM7 5.3L V8. The owner was restricted to engines with 300 horsepower … Read more