Piaggio Ape with a Honda CB600F Engine

Piaggio Ape with a Honda CB600F inline-four

Loris Rosati built and races in his modified Piaggio Ape. The Piaggio Ape started being built in 1948 and over the years different models came with gasoline and diesel engines ranging from 50 cc to 422 cc. Whatever engine originally came in Loris’ Ape it wasn’t powerful enough so he replaced it with a 599 … Read more

Piaggio Ape 50 with a Honda CBR600 Inline-Four

Piaggio Ape 50 with a CBR600 inline-four

The Piaggio Ape three-wheeled light commercial vehicle produced since 1948. A popular modification is swapping the weak engines for much larger motorcycle engines. Gianmarco Gentili owned a Piaggio Ape 50 and after seeing videos of these little beasts racing he decided to build his own in seven months. Gianmarco started by building his own custom … Read more