Nissan S14 with a Toyota V12

Nissan S14 with a Toyota 1GZ-FE V12

Jaron Olivecrona ran a Nissan RB-series inline-six in his S14 for several years but wanted to change things up for next season. Hartley Engines in New Zealand is building him a very potent Toyota 1GZ-FE V12. The engine will feature CNC ported heads, custom camshafts, larger valves, and custom pistons raising the compression to 13.5:1. … Read more

Brill Steel Takes the Demon S14.5 to Monaco

Brill Steel Nissan S14.5 with a LS3 V8

Brill Steel brought their very wild Demon S14.5 to Top Marques Monaco 2017 in Monaco, Italy where it put on a show. If it looks like a S15 that is because it started life as a S14 but received a full carbon fiber S15 body. Under the hood is a built LS3 V8 that has … Read more

Silvia with a Quad-Turbo 2JZ Update

Caroline Racing Quad-turbo 2JZ Powered Nissan S14

Nori Yaro visited Caroline Racing in Japan to meet the builder of the famous Nissan S14 with a quad-turbo 2JZ inline-six. While there he is treated to a wide assortment of street, drift, and racing cars. The builder also has an Allison J33 turbojet engine he plans on installing in a vehicle at some point. … Read more

First Test Drive of Quad-turbo 2JZ Powered Nissan S14

Caroline Racing Quad-turbo 2JZ Powered Nissan S14

This is Caroline Racing’s Nissan S14 which is powered by a 2JZ and four turbochargers. The system comprises of two small TD06-17C turbos feeding the larger T88-34D turbos for a final boost level of 43 psi (3 bar). Nori Yaro’s original article claims the builder has no real goal for the project other than experimentation. … Read more