For Sale: Nissan S14 with a 2JZ-GTE Inline-Six

Nissan S14 with a 2JZ-GTE Inline-Six

This Nissan S14 is for sale in Vilnius, Lithuania with an asking price of €44,000 or about $54,615. Under the hood sits a 3.0 L 2JZ-GTE that makes 800 horsepower thanks to forged internals, ported head, 1600 cc injectors, and a TurboSystems HTX40641 turbocharger. Behind the engine is a PMC Motorsport flywheel, Tilton 3-plate clutch, and PMC Motorsport adapter that allows the use of a BMW GS6-530DZ six-speed manual transmission. The rest of the drivetrain consists of a custom driveshaft, welded 350Z differential, Nissan R33 axles and Z32 TT hubs. Full specifications below.

Nissan S14 with a 2JZ-GTE Inline-Six

Nissan S14 with a 2JZ-GTE Inline-Six

Nissan S14 with a 2JZ-GTE Inline-Six

Nissan S14 with a 2JZ-GTE Inline-Six

Nissan S14 with a 2JZ-GTE Inline-Six

Nissan S14 with a 2JZ-GTE Inline-Six

Nissan S14 with a 2JZ-GTE Inline-Six

Nissan S14 with a 2JZ-GTE Inline-Six

Full Specs:

  • 3.0 L 2JZ-GTE inline-six
  • forged internals
  • 800 horsepower, capable of 1,000+ horsepower
  • ARP bolts
  • HKS camshafts
  • HKS cam pulleys
  • HKS timing belt
  • Titan 2JZ-GTE Dampened SFI Approved Crank Pulley
  • TurboSystems HTX40641 turbocharger (New)
  • ported head
  • Twin scroll exhaust manifold
  • HKS wastegate
  • Custom exhaust with V-Band connection
  • Siemens 1600 cc injectors
  • Sard Racing fuel rail
  • TurboSmart FPR2000 fuel regulator (New)
  • TIAL BOV (New)
  • Custom built intake manifold w/ 90 mm throttle
  • EARLS AN8 fuel lines (New)
  • Large Intercooler
  • Custom Made AN16 fitting Oil Catch Tank Aluminium oil sump
  • ACCUSUMP 3QT Oil Accumulators


  • E85
  • 36 L fuel cell with fuel level sender
  • EARLS AN8 FUEL lines (New)
  • EARLS AN8 FUEL lines fittings (New)
  • 2.5 Ltr Round Dome Alloy Fuel Surge Tank / Swirl Pot AN8 -8 (BLACK) (New)
  • Twin Bosch 044 Fuel Pump + Billet High Flow Filter Manifold Cradle Assembly KIT (New)
  • 1 x Bosch 044 pump feeding swirl pot (New)
  • 2 x Bosch 044 pumps feeding engine (New)


  • Custom exhaust with V-Band connection


  • LINK G4 Extreme
  • AIM MXL Display
  • Custom made wires
  • AEM X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Controller Gauge (New) Greddy Profec B Spec II Boost Controller (New)
  • LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller (New)


  • Tilton 3 plates racing clutch (New)
  • PMC motorsport flywheel for 2jz-gs6530dz (New)
  • PMC MOTORSPORT gearbox adapter (New)
  • BMW GS6-530DZ transmission
  • IRP Short shifter V3 (New)
  • Custom made driveshaft
  • 350z welded differential
  • GTR R33 Axles
  • Z32 TT rear hubs


  • Front – Wisefab S14/S15 Lock kit
  • Rear – Wisefab S14/S15 Suspension kit
  • Feal coilovers


  • Front – 350Z Brembo kit
  • Rear – Double (handbrake & pedal) 350z Brembo brake kit
  • OBC adjustable pedal assembly with Willwood cylinders , floor mounted
  • Custom Made e-brake w/AP Racing cylinder
  • Willwood Rear brakes regulator
  • Rear brakes On/Off valve
  • EBC Turbo groove brake discs
  • High friction Carbone-Lorraine brake pads
  • Braided brake lines

Cooling system:

  • Rear mounted Mishimoto dual pass radiator
  • BMW large single high-flow fan
  • Davies Craig EWP® 150 alloy Electric Water Pump (New)
  • Mishimoto Universal 25-Row Dual Pass Oil Cooler
  • Power steering fluid cooler


  • Rocket-bunny BOSS V2 fiberglass body (New)
  • carbon fiber rear rocket bunny spoiler (New)
  • carbon fiber roof scoop
  • polycarbonate rear tinted window
  • carbon fiber quarter windows with cooling double ducts Carbon-fiber side mirrors
  • fiberglass doors with polycarbonate windows Mirrors instead of headlights
  • LED rear lights
  • LED lights on the roof
  • LED brake lights on the front and rear window
  • SPARE fiberglass doors without windows (New)
  • SPARE polycarbonate full windows kit (New)


  • flocked fiberglass dashboard
  • Sparco Pro 2000” driver seat (Homologation till 2021)
  • Sparco EVO3 passenger seat (Homologation not valid)
  • TAKATA 6-point HANS driver seat belts Homologation 2022)
  • TAKATA 6-point passenger seat belts (Homologation 2022)
  • NARDI deep-dish suede steering wheel
  • SPARCO Fire extinguish system
  • IRP Short shifter V3 (New)
  • Willwood Rear brakes regulator (New)
  • Varley Red Top 40 Battery
  • Varley Red Top 40 Battery mount


  • Forged Work Meister S1P3 in white wheels
  • front – 18×9 w/ Toyo R1R Proxes
  • rear – 18×11 Achiles Radial S123
  • white Rota GTR
  • front – 3x 17×9
  • rear – 6x 17×9.5

Source: Drift and Race Parts Europe FB group and Driftworks

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