Datsun 280Z with a 454 ci Big-Block V8

Soon after the 383 was killed a search for more power resulted in squeezing a 454 into this small and light car. It would be interesting to find out the weight bias having such a big motor in this car. But it seems this car was built for one thing only, going in a straight line. Other upgrades include aluminum racing radiator, reworked headers, and a R230 viscous LSD. The owner reports a 0-60 mph in 3.5 sec. Project Assassin’s cardomain page

4 thoughts on “Datsun 280Z with a 454 ci Big-Block V8”

  1. Hey, that’s a really cool car……wait its mine!! Hey dude, I’ve added more and updated pictures to my Car Domain site, including a new air dam. Anyway, just thought you’d wanna update your links. Take care!!

  2. Thanks for following up about your car. I will update my links and swap out for the newer pictures.

    Feel free to keep us updated on your swap.

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