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Honda CR-X with a K20

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Honda CRX with a K20 inline-four

High Performance Academy purchased a Honda CR-X (EF) last year for racing. The car came with a built 2.0 L Honda K20 inline-four making 255 hp to the wheels thanks to individual throttle bodies and a Emtron SL4 ECU. The K20 is paired to a Honda manual transmission with a GearFX gearset. HP Academy has plans to make the car faster and more dependable with several upgrades. First the engine will gain four more injectors, drive-by-wire, and an Emtron KV8 ECU. They will also be swapping to a Hollinger SF six-speed sequential transmission and 5.5-inch twin-plate clutch. Listen to Andre explain the future upgrades.

Honda CRX with a K20 inline-four

Honda CRX with a K20 inline-four

Source: High Performance Academy

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