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First Start of Joe Bristow’s MR2 with a Turbo Volvo Inline-Five

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Toyota MR2 with a turbo Volvo inline-five

Joe Bristow built the famous 8-sec AWD “Golvo” Golf powered by a turbocharged Volvo inline-five. Last year he started a new project for the track using a Toyota MR2. In the back of the car he’s swapped a turbocharged Volvo inline-five good for around 500 hp. The engine features a Volvo 850 2.3 L block, Wiseco forged pistons, Hurricane rods, custom camshafts, VVT head, upgraded valve springs, ID1050X injectors, custom exhaust manifold, and Pulsar G30770 turbocharger. We’re looking forward to hearing this on the dyno. Until then enjoy a video of the engine idling and view build photos at @joebgti1.

Toyota MR2 with a turbo Volvo inline-five

Source: VolvoT5Golf

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