Toyota MR2 with a 3.5 L 2GR V6

Toyota MR2 with a 3.5 L 2GR V6

This third generation Toyota MR2 is owned and raced by @tescolonggrain in the UK. The 1050 kg (2314 lb) vehicle no longer sports the factory 1.8 L 1ZZ-FED inline-four. It’s now powered by a 3.5 L 2GR-FE V6 making 300 horsepower and 288 lb-ft of torque mated to a Toyota MR2 Turbo E153 five-speed manual … Read more

Toyota MR2 with a 798 hp Turbo 3S/5S Inline-Four

Toyota MR2 with a turbo 3S/5S inline-four

Nathan Freke‘s Toyota MR2 was built by his company Century Motorsport and DP Engine Parts UK in the UK. The project started in 2015 when Nathan rebuilt his 2nd generation MR2 Challenge-spec race car for drag racing. The engine is a turbocharged Toyota 3S/5S inline-four making 798 hp at the hubs on 29 psi of … Read more

Twin Engine Custom Toyota Starlet Makes 1100 hp

Twin Engine Custom Toyota Starlet

Roger HÃ¥land has enjoyed building and racing his twin engine Toyota Starlet for several years. He made the unique car using a Celica front frame, MR2 rear frame, and Starlet body. It’s powered by two 2.2 L inline-four engines made using Toyota 3S/5S parts and forged internals. Both engines share one turbocharger, alternator, and throttle … Read more

Toyota MR2 with a 820 hp Turbo V6

Toyota MR2 with a turbo 2GR V6

Pieter Zeelie made many improvements to his third generation Toyota MR2 race car in the off season. He started by increasing output of the turbocharged 3.5 L Toyota 2GR V6 from 680 horsepower last year to 820-830 horsepower. He paired the extra power with an upgraded double wishbone rear suspension, custom aluminum upgrights, and stronger … Read more