Honda Civic with a Turbo J35

5th Gen Honda Civic with a turbo 3.5 L J35 V6

It seems more projects recently are using the Honda J-series engines for serious power. Take for example this fifth-generation Honda Civic built by English Racing in Camas, Washington. The factory inline-four has been replaced with a 3.5 L J35 V6 from a 2002 Honda Odyssey. The engine upgrades include heads and cams from a Acura TL Type-S (J32A2), upgraded springs, and a 72 mm turbocharger. It dyno’d at 739 horsepower with a 64 mm turbo but on the 72 mm turbo it can make around 800-900 horsepower. At the 2016 Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack the Civic set a 189.39 mph trap speed on 900 horsepower and 31 psi of boost. The Civic runs an Acura TL Type-S six-speed transmission.

5th Gen Honda Civic with a turbo 3.5 L J35 V6

5th Gen Honda Civic with a turbo 3.5 L J35 V6

5th Gen Honda Civic with a turbo 3.5 L J35 V6

Source: English Racing and 1320 Video


  1. It has J32A2 heads actually, but they are about the same thing really as the J35A8 other than having 3 exhaust ports to the A8 having one. The morning I ran 189.39 it was closer to 900whp as it was running 31psi and not the 28psi in the afternoon it ran 185 (right after the 165@14psi I talked about in the video).

  2. Sum Yung Gai

    Just read this and watched the video. That is just totally sick, man. 189 mph?? That’s what Mercedes’s twin-turbo V12 Autobahn burners do! A V6, massively turbocharged Civic is just excellence on wheels. You’re right, Civics were never meant to go that fast. But your build is clearly very well done. Makes me wonder why Honda didn’t stuff the V6 into the Type R, which would’ve been great. I know, cannibalize Accord/Acura Coupe sales, but if they’d done only the Type R, that shouldn’t have been a problem.

    It’s always neat for folks like you to show us just what can be done with a bit of ingenuity. Right on!


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