Cummins Swap Cost

2004 Chevy Tahoe with a Cummins 4BT turbo diesel inline-four

Deboss Garage recently shared a video detailing the costs of a typical Cummins engine swap. You can bet with projects such as 6BT powered Dodge Ram and a 4BT powered Chevy Tahoe he gets a lot of people asking how much it would cost to swap a Cummins diesel into their vehicle. The total comes out to between $11,150-$12,650 CAD or around $8,634-$9,795 USD.

Price CADPrice USDParts/Service
$1,500$1,161basic rebuild (head, pistons, rings & bearings)
$2,000$1,549adapter plate, flywheel and starter
$600$464shift controller
$500$387alignment fluids, fittings, hoses, machining
$4,550$3,52470 hours labor at DG shop rate of $65/hr
$11,150-$12,650$8,634-$9,795Total + shipping and taxes

Deboss goes into more detail about a diesel swap along with pros and cons.

Source: Deboss Garage


    • DanO

      Yeah – there’s a “lot” of on-road 6bt’s of various vintages from dodge’s and step vans, to medium duty trucks and school busses.

      The 4bt on the other hand really on came in step-vans and other oddball applications for on-road engines.

      There’s a bit of a supply-and-demand thing going on there

    • CSRT4

      I really have a difficult time believing that. Around here 6BT is the big ticket item. I think it’s more reliant on location.

  1. john noe

    I am going to buy a step van cargo truck soon, like the ones Fed Ex, UPS uses for residential deliveries or similar. Would it make sense to try to find my truck at a junk yard without the engine and have the 4BT installed. I am sold on this engine due to it’s longevity, mileage, and reliability.

  2. Glen Gillis

    Hello, im a diesel mechanic in alberta canada. Ive got a 4200 service truck with a vt365 pos. With an allison.
    How hard would it be to put in a 6.7?
    Would it bolt up to the allison?
    Id like the reliability and a bit more hp.
    Thanks for your input!

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