Billet Cummins Engine

Scheid Diesel billet 6.7 L Cummins inline-six

When a builder continues to push the factory block beyond its ability, it might be time for a billet block. Take for example Scheid Diesel’s billet Cummins. The inline-six has a displacement of 6.7 L (391 ci) and is predominately used for Pro-stock tractor pulling. The model photographed below runs a Wagler head and produces … Read more

Cummins Swap Cost

2004 Chevy Tahoe with a Cummins 4BT turbo diesel inline-four

Deboss Garage recently shared a video detailing the costs of a typical Cummins engine swap. You can bet with projects such as 6BT powered Dodge Ram and a 4BT powered Chevy Tahoe he gets a lot of people asking how much it would cost to swap a Cummins diesel into their vehicle. The total comes … Read more