Drag Mustang with Big Turbo 2JZ

Mustang with a turbo 2JZ

I always enjoy seeing a swap like this because it usually makes for an interesting conversation. Here we have Jeff Wilson’s drag Mustang. Under the hood is a huge turbo hooked up to a Toyota 2JZ-GTE. This car will be running in SCSN and WCHRA.

2JZ inside Mustang engine bay

Source: Titan Motorsports


  1. dane

    its pretty difficult to put the word junk in context of a motor that can hold 1000hp on the factory bottom end. study up and realize there are better things than a v8,

  2. patrick niles

    The 2jz motor is simply bad ass , there’s not much motors that can do what is being done with motor with such little mods. I would do the same swap

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