How To Swap a Ford 5.0 L into a BMW E36

Mikael Vroom How to swap a Ford 5.0 L V8 into a BMW E36 M3

Mikael Vroom has put together a great tutorial series on how to swap a Ford 5.0 L V8 into a BMW E36. Mikael purchased a decent 1997 BMW M3 with a destroyed engine with the goal of making a cheap and simple V8-powered RWD sedan. The engine he chose was a 5.0 L from a 1997 Ford Explorer and paired that with a five-speed manual off a 2004 Mustang V6. To get the engine to fit he swapped the Explorer oil pan to a Mustang version and a pair of custom exhaust manifolds. To read more about how he did please view the links below.

Source: Mikael Vroom


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