BMW E36 with a Turbo VQ35 V6

Jacob Sport BMW E36 with a Turbo VQ35 V6

Sébastien Farbos competes in Championnat De France Drift with his BMW E36 built by Jacob Sport. The 1030 kg (2270 lb) coupe is propelled by a turbocharged 3.6 L Nissan VQ35 V6 mated to a 3MO Performance five-speed sequential transmission. The motor produces 740 horsepower and 830 Nm (612 lb-ft) of torque at 0.8 bar … Read more

BMW E36 Race Car with a 1000 hp Twin-Turbo P63 V8

BimmerWorld BMW E36 with a Twin-Turbo S63 V8

BimmerWorld entered Pikes Peak 2017 with a BMW E92 M3 and went 11:02.966. They followed that in 2019 with a BMW F82 M4 GT4 and went 10:39.786. They realized their dream of faster times would require a building a monster. They call it “Bergsteiger” and it’s one of the widest E36 race cars around. The … Read more

Brennsport’s E36 with a LS3 V8

Brennsport BMW E36 with a LS3 V8

This BMW E36 is being built by Brennsport in Germany to compete at local track days but also be street legal. In the engine bay sits a 6.2 L LS376 V8 crate engine making 525 horsepower and 486 lb-ft of torque from GM. They installed the engine using a Holley rear-sump oil pan and Sikky … Read more

BMW E36 with a Twin-Turbo 1UZ V8

BMW E36 with a Twin-Turbo 1UZ V8

This BMW E36 was built to drift by Alek at Alek Projekt in Poland. The car was previously powered by a turbocharged BMW inline-six making 700 horsepower. The engine featured a M50B25 block, M52B28 crank, ported M52 head, N54B30 pistons, M50 valves, custom-grind camshafts, and BorgWarner S300SX turbocharger. After engine issues Alek is swapping to … Read more

BMW M60/M62/S62 V8 Swap Kit for E36/E46

BMW M60 M62 V8 swap kit for BMW E36 E46

CYBUL sells a swap kit for installing a BMW M60, M62, or S62 V8 into a BMW E36, E46, Z3, or Z4 model. The kits range from €1,149-€1,795 or about $1,274-$1,991 depending on options. All kits include an oil pan, modified oil pump, engine mounts, polyurethane engine bushings, modified subframe, bolts, and gaskets. The S62 … Read more

BMW E36 with a Turbo N55B30 Inline-Six

BMW E36 with a turbo N55 inline-six

Last year Jake “Rollzie” Rolls wanted to try something different in his BMW E36 sedan. He decided on installing a turbocharged 3.0 L N55B30 inline-six taken from a 2015 BMW M135i. A factory version of this motor makes 315-325 hp (235-240 kW) and 332 lb-ft (450 Nm) of torque. Jake’s engine is mostly stock with … Read more