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67 Mustang Fastback with Cobra Venom

67 Mustang with 2004 Cobra engine

Speed Inc – PTSC out of Schaumburg, IL is responsible for this 1967 Mustang Fastback with a swapped 2004 Cobra Mustang 4.6L supercharged DOHC producing 446 RWHP and 505 FPT. The suspension has been completely upgraded with coil overs all over riding on a Martz Chassis. The Mustang has been switched over to rack and pinion steering and the suspension in back has been replaced by a 4 link. The front wheels are Coys 18×8 and the rear are Coys 18×9.

Speed Inc offers engine swap packages, turbo packages, complete engine packages, dyno testing, and PCM tuning.

2 thoughts on “67 Mustang Fastback with Cobra Venom”

  1. This car is just plain awesome ! This is exactly what i have been hoping to do once i get my hands on a good mustang . If you guys could tell me what my budget should range to and from to do the basic engine swap and the total budget, it’ll be a great help. Thank you !

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