Mustang with Lamborghini Gallardo V10

Mustang with Lamborghini Engine Swap

This obviously is not your typical Mustang GT rollin’ down the street. No this Mustang has a mid-engine 520 HP V10 from a Lamborghini Gallardo. John Haugh created this hybrid and kept the AWD, 6 speed paddle shifting transmission, Lambo dash, seats, and most of the interior. John reported that the Mustang only took him a year to complete which is really amazing seeing how much work it would take for this creation.

Its seems many take offense to ripping the heart our of a $180K European sports car and putting it in an American car. I would assume the owner did it because he could but also to have some totally different then anything on the face of the earth.

Source: Mustang News via Carscoop

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