1969 Mustang RTR-X

1969 Mustang RTR-X with Ford 5.0L swap

Vaughn Gittin Jr. is getting a new drift machine with help from Mustang RTR and Need for Speed. The Mustang will debut at 2010 SEMA and will also also be available to drive in the Need for Speed game.

The body is not original but actually a 1969 Dynacorn full body. The engine will be a brand new Ford 5.0L V8 with individual throttle bodies by Kinsler poking through the hood, a MoTec M800 ECU, and all attached to a Ford Racing Boss 302 R1 six-speed transmission.

1969 Mustang RTR-X back

1969 Mustang RTR-X with thottle bodies through hood

Source: Mustang RTR via Pro-Touring

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