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For Sale: The Mini Quattro

The Mini Quattro with a turbo Audi 2.5 L inline-five

If you are in the market for an incredible fast car that you can park anywhere, you might be interested in the Mini Quattro. This little monster was built by Brede Alnes in Norway and is for sale (listing removed) with an asking price of £33K or about $41.3K. Absolutely everything on this car is custom. The body is fiberglass unit from Z-Cars with Lexan windows riding on a custom tubular frame. The custom independent suspension was built by Mobek Racing with Bilstein shocks. The brakes are AP Racing four-piston with 310 mm discs up front and Audi S3 with EBC Turbogroove discs in back.

The Mini Quattro with a turbo Audi 2.5 L inline-five

When Speedhunters (more photos) wrote about this project in 2012 it was powered by a turbocharged 1.8 L inline-four from a 1999 Audi A3. It produced 450 horsepower and 369 lb-ft (500 Nm) of torque. Since then the engine has changed to a 2.5 L Audi 20v 07K inline-five. The engine is upgraded with JD pistons, H-rods, forged crankshaft, and ARE drysump oiling system. It produces 858 horsepower (870 hk) and 747 lb-ft (1,014 Nm) of torque thanks to a Precision 64/68 turbocharger and 1600 cc injectors.

The Mini Quattro with a turbo Audi 2.5 L inline-five

As the name suggest the custom AWD system is assembled from the Audi parts bin. The transmission is an Audi 02Q six-speed manual transmission from an Audi A3 2.0 L TDI with a Tilton 2-disc clutch and billet flywheel. The rest of the drivetrain is sourced from an Audi A3 with GKN custom driveshafts and a modified Haldex center differential that maintains 50/50 power distribution at all times.

Update 3-30-19: A reader informed us (via comment below) it was sold and resides in the UK. Video below is from Brands Hatch Mini Festival 2017.

Source: Banebiler/ løpsbiler – Kjøp & salg FB page (listing removed) and Buttsy Butler FB page

15 thoughts on “For Sale: The Mini Quattro”

  1. Oscar Von Steinhammer

    Unless the intended driver needs to fix their makeup I can think of no earthly reason to have rear-view mirrors because nothing is ever going to overtake this engineering exercise.

  2. Should probably only be sold to those who are at least 30 yrs old. That much power in such a lite vehicle spells trouble for young drivers in love with their automotive right foot.

  3. I admire the effort. AWD golfs at 600 BHP are practically undriveable. I just don’t see how this stubby pony could manage anything other than circles. JD Pistons?? Jeroen Dik??

  4. The car was not road legal, only used for racing. It was sold, to a new owner in UK I think.

    You can find videos on YouTube. Search for “Brands Hatch Mini Festival 2017 Mini Quattro”

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