Watch This 1949 Ford with a Twin-Turbo Cummins Drift

Old Smokey 1949 Ford F-1 with a twin-turbo 5.9 L ISB Cummins inline-six

We first wrote about Chuckles Garage‘s “Old Smokey” project last year. The 1949 Ford F-1 is powered by a 5.9 L ISB Cummins inline-six diesel with a 66 mm and 91 mm turbochargers in a compound setup. The engine produces 981 horsepower to the wheels. Recently the project picked up Garrett as a sponsor and will swap to their 80 mm 5003 and 94 mm GTX turbochargers. The new goal is to produce 1,400 horsepower. Watch below as the truck does a good job of drifting and smoking the rear tires.

For more photos please view Speedhunters article and for complete stats please read our previous article.

Source: Chuckles Garage

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