America Makes Worthless Engines?

Or that is at least what 62 motoring journalists from 30 countries has thought since 1999. The International Engine of the Year started in 1999 and votes on the 14 categories including the most coveted category, Engine of the Year. In the past 9 years an American company has made it only twice and both were in the Best Concept category. One for Daimler Chrysler’s Necar 4 and another for GM’s AUTOnomy. Wiki article of all past winners. GM’s LS9 was nominated for this year’s competition.

On the other hand, Ward’s 10 Best Engines seems to include at least one or more American engines in each year dating back until it started in 1995. There is some small bias since only cars that can be bought no later then the first quarter in the United States can be entered into Ward’s List. So naturally American built engines would fair better in this list.

Maybe a better way to phrase the point would be to say America makes good engines but they don’t make the best? What do you think?

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