The Story of Thor: A Billet 4.0 L Inline-Four

Elmer Racing Thor 4.0 L inline-four

Elmer Racing is a company in Kirkkonummi, Finland that produces custom parts for racing. One of their most famous products is the billet 4.0 L inline-four called Thor. The 106 kg motor is capable of producing 1500 horsepower in circuit racing spec and 3000 horsepower in drag racing spec. Oskar from Elmer Racing released several … Read more

Billet Honda K-Series Block

Magnus Honda K-Series billet block

Magnus Motorsports sells a Honda K-series billet block capable of 1700+ hp for $9,400. The company designed the 6061 aluminum block with ductile iron liners, 7075 aluminum main caps and girdle, and maximum displacement of 2.8 liters. They offer the blocks with or without water jackets and in different deck heights. The block with no … Read more

Quad-Turbo LSx V12

Haltech Quad-Turbo LSx V12

Andrew Dimartino from Haltech built a quad-turbo LSx V12 to show off the company’s Nexus R5 ECU/PDM. The engine starts with a 592 ci V12 built by Race Cast Engineering with a cast aluminum block, custom custom heads, camshaft, and crankshaft. The naturally aspirated version with a mild camshaft produced 700 horsepower. However Andrew wanted … Read more

Building a 1200 hp Duramax V8 – Part 3

Turbo Duramax V8 1200 hp build series

Wyatt from SketchyDA released another update on the 1200 hp Duramax build series. In the previous videos he explained the parts and showed the bottom-end being built. In this video Wyatt assembles the rest of the engine and shows the beginning of the Chevy C10 race truck chassis. Source: SketchyDA via Piotr