Audi TT with a 1300+ hp Turbo VR6 Goes 7.72 sec

Audi TT with a turbo VR6

HST Turbotuning and their green Audi TT recently attended TTT Summer Special 2019 in Germany. The company had three runs before a transmission issue ended their day. Their last run which was their best, resulted in a 7.723 sec quarter-mile in 276.71 km/h (171.93 mph). Since our previous article the team moved to a full … Read more

Audi TT RS with a 1070+ hp Turbo R30 VR6

Audi TT RS with a Turbo R30 VR6

Don Octane debuted their Audi TT RS project at TTT Half Mile event in Berlin, Germany. There the car reached 317.63 km/h (197.36 mph) in the half-mile on 2.1 bar (30.4 psi) of boost. The factory 2.5 R5 TFSI inline-five is no longer in the engine bay. Instead there is a turbocharged R30 VR6 mated … Read more

Audi TT with a 1356 hp VR6

Audi TT with a turbo R30 VR6

HST Turbotuning traveled from their company’s headquarters in Hargelsberg, Austria to Santa Pod Raceway in Bedfordshire, England to race their Audi TT at VW Action 2018. A turbocharged 3.0 L R30 VR6 powers the coupe made with a 3.2 L block, 2.8 L crank, and forged internals. The engine makes 1,356 horsepower on 2.5 bar … Read more

Audi TT with a 1,200 hp Turbo VR6

Audi TT with a Turbo 3.0 L VR6

This very powerful Audi TT was built by SSR Performance in Munich, Germany. Under the hood sits a 3.0 L VR6 made from a 3.2 L block and 2.8 L crank with forged internals. It produces 1,210 horsepower and 842 lb-ft (1143 Nm) of torque on 2.4 bar (34.8 psi) of boost from a large … Read more

Audi TT Clubsport Concept Has A 2.5 TFSI Inline-five

Audi TT Clubsport Concept With A 2.5 L TFSI inline-five

Audi just unveiled their TT Clubsport Turbo on the W├Ârthersee Tour in the Austrian town of Reifnitz. The car features a 2.5 L TFSI and twin electric turbos capable of producing 600 horsepower (441 kW) and 479 lb-ft (650 Nm) of torque. More than 442 lb-ft of torque is availible between 3,000-7,000 rpm. Development chief … Read more