Randy’s Pro-touring 1967 Camaro

Randy's Pro-touring Camaro

While strolling through Cardomain I came across a 1967 Camaro with a 2004 LS1 swap. Don’t let the lack of paint diminish the overall quality of this ride. The amount of work it takes to do all the swaps in this car amounts to a lot. After having this car since he was 14, Randy decided in 2004 to start turning this car into something he could take the track and then drive home. The camaro comes with a full race chassis, LS1, 1999 dash with full wiring, extra safety gauges, metal work, roll cage, custom spoiler, and he even has fold down rear seats to replace the normally found bench. There is more smaller touches you will have to check out yourself along with what the car looked liked when he started.

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