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Building a Miata with a Ferrari V8

1999 Miata with a Ferrari 360 V8

Blackbird Fabworx is a talented fabrication shop located in Canoga Park, California that specializes in Miata parts. They also race a modified 1999 NB Miata called “Morpheus” in Global Time Attack. You can read more details on the race car in MotoIQ’s article. However the company felt it was time to replace the factory 1.8 L BP-4W inline-four with a 3.6 L Tipo F131 V8 from a Ferrari 360. They just started with the engine swap but hopefully we will see a lot more in the coming months. Update: The engine swap was cancelled in 2018 and the car sold in 2020.

1999 Miata with a Ferrari 360 V8

1999 Miata with a Ferrari 360 V8

Source: Blackbird Fabworx and OppositeLock

2 thoughts on “Building a Miata with a Ferrari V8”

  1. Now that is a V-8 swap into a Miata that I could go for. Usually I agree with the tee; LS swap EVERYTHING, but Miatas…

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