AWD Golf with an Audi V8

AWD VW Golf Mk2 with an Audi V8

This Volkswagen Golf Mk2 was built by Zlewnia Motors in Stary Paczków, Poland with a lot of Audi parts. First they shoehorned a 4.2 L ABZ V8 from an Audi A8 D2 in the engine bay. These are good for 295 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque in stock form. Then they installed an AWD manual transmission and rear end from an Audi 2.5 L TDI. Even the suspension comes from Audi. The front is taken from an Audi 80 and the rear comes from an Audi A8 D2.

AWD VW Golf Mk2 with an Audi V8

AWD VW Golf Mk2 with an Audi V8

Source: Zlewnia Motors via Piotr


  1. Jonas Poulsen

    This is awesome.. But a shame that Its that wide. Maybe they should have chosen a golf syncro rearend instead..

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