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Custom Ford Mustang on Dodge Ram 4×4 Chassis

Custom Ford Mustang on Dodge Ram 4x4 Chassis

When Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan wanted to build a custom 4×4 Mustang for his brother he first turned to 3D artist and automotive designer Hussain Albagali. After developing the concept and getting approval a team of fabricators got to work installing a sixth generation Mustang body over a 2015 Dodge Ram 4×4 chassis. This means the Mustang would be powered by a 6.4 L HEMI V8. The project took a total of seven months to complete.

Source: Hussain Albagali via Carscoops

7 thoughts on “Custom Ford Mustang on Dodge Ram 4×4 Chassis”

    1. Agreed. I like Mustangs and I like 4X4 pickups. But this seems to be the worst of both world. It loses the sportiness of the Mustang and the utility of a pickup.

      1. Normally I would agree, but this has me wondering. The really awkward part to my eyes is the front of the hood. That may be due to the iconic nature of the Mustang. I would love to see this “thing” in person to give it a better chance to sway me…

  1. With those wheels and fenders it looks ugly AF. Also with lengthened front end it looks really weird (not in the good way).

  2. 100 spokes and white walls on a 4X4 just makes my head hurt a little. I feel like the right wheels & tires could make this less of a dumpster fire…

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