Brill Steel Takes the Demon S14.5 to Monaco

Brill Steel Nissan S14.5 with a LS3 V8

Brill Steel brought their very wild Demon S14.5 to Top Marques Monaco 2017 in Monaco, Italy where it put on a show. If it looks like a S15 that is because it started life as a S14 but received a full carbon fiber S15 body. Under the hood is a built LS3 V8 that has been increased to 7.0 liters and produces 700+ hp and 890+ lb-ft of torque. The car was built for Enrico Sartori who works at Brill Steel. You can read how this unique project came to life in Speedhunters’ article. Sit back and enjoy the V8 sound these videographers lost their hearing to obtain.

Source: @Brillsteelmotorsport01, MDKSuperCars and Carspotter Jeroen


  1. Jim

    Pretty cool car. Menacing, purposeful style. Looks like they got all the cus right. Seems awfully high strung for a big V8 making less than 1000hp, though.

    • Acc

      Its just set up “wrong”, for maximum noise and flame thrower capabilities. Going by the SH article its N/A, with a big part of those 1000hp coming from the nitrous, no turbo, so I see no reason it should throw flames like that if it were set up correctly.

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