How Long Before 2JZ Swapped FT-86

It is only a matter of time before someone does it. The question is who will be the first and how long do you think it will take for someone to swap a 2JZ into the production model FT-86? My guess is three months.

Toyota FT-86 Concept at Geneva Auto Show 2011

Source: Jalopnik


  1. tristan

    Looks too short in the front. i think the 3sgte conversion will come first
    the flat 4 will be a very light engine perhaps 200-250lb where the 2jz is 400 lbs
    just look at what people are putting into wrx’s (all chev i think).

  2. MikeC

    LOL I would, with a getrag 6 speed, I am looking at purchasing it now. I have a 94 TT supra that i want to store and I need something new with alittle atttatude I can beat on. 🙂

  3. SJ

    I have an aristo 2jzgte here that’s just had a minor collision. I’m buying the FT next year. I’ve been thinking about it all day. It’d be a riot.

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