Supra with a Cummins Turbo Diesel Inline-Six Update

Toyota Supra with a 6BT Turbo Diesel Inline-Six

It’s been a several months since we first shared this unique Supra project and in that time the owner made a lot of progress. He’s finished welding the custom motor mounts that will hold the 6BT inline-six in place as well as the custom transmission tunnel covering the ZF S5-47 five-speed manual transmission. There has … Read more


Building a Celica Supra with a Turbo 1JZ Inline-Six

Toyota Supra JZA61 with a turbo 1JZ inline-six

A talented owner in Norway is building this Toyota Celica Supra (JZA61) in his garage. The project features a tubular front and rear chassis with a Nissan S14 suspension and covered in a fiberglass widebody. Under the hood sits a 2.5 L 1JZ inline-six with ARP head and rod bolts, HKS 264 camshafts, twin-scroll manifold, … Read more

Toyota AE86 with a Turbo 3S-GE

Toyota AE86 with a turbo 3S-GE inline-four

Australian drifter Beau Yates recently rebuilt his Toyota AE86 to compete in World Time Attack Challenge 2018. Beau had the honor of Keiichi Tsuchiya driving the car in the Open Class. The AE86 is powered by a 2.0 L 3S-GE (Gen 5) inline-four that features Toda interals, dry sump system, Hypertune custom intake, and 84 … Read more

Carbon Toyota 86 with a LSx V8

HGK Racing carbon Toyota 86 with a LSx V8

HGK Racing is company in Latvia known for building carbon/kevlar BMWs for drifting. Recently they have built a Toyota 86 with a carbon/kevlar body for one lucky customer. The 1,200 kg (2645 lb) car is powered by a built LSx V8 that makes a mean sound on the dyno. The company released very few specs … Read more