1970 Spectre Camaro

1970 Camaro Spectre Performance with LS1 swap

Spectre Performance‘s founder Amir Rosenbaum didn’t really know what to do with his 1970 Camaro. In came the talented people of Campbell Auto Restoration. Out of that collaboration was born a Pro-Touring 1970 Camaro with styling cues from a 1974 IROC race car and modern race performance.

Campbell Auto Restoration started by swapping a modern LS1 from a 4th generation Firebird under the hood. The engine is delivering around 410 horsepower and 400 ft. lbs. of torque to the rear wheels. All power goes through a T-56 six-speed transmission and aluminum driveshaft.

LS1 inside 1970 Camaro engine bay

The front suspension has been upgraded to Hotchkis upper and lower control arms, their anti-swap bars, and their QA-1 coil overs. The rear suspension was upgraded to DS&E rear leaf springs with Hotchkis QA-1 double adjustable rear shocks.

The wheels are “Spectre Silver” powder coated Forgeline S03P. The front wheels are 18”x11” on Kumho XS 315/30ZR18 tires and the rears are 19”x13” on Kumho XS 345/30ZR19 tires.

Body weight has been reduced thanks to a lot of carbon fiber parts from Anvil Auto. The front wheel tubs, bracing, nose, hood, deck lid, and rear window filler panel are all carbon fiber. Campbell Auto Restoration also added large fiberglass fender flares to make room for the larger tires. One of the coolest modifications on this Camaro is the use of the parking lights as cold air intakes.

Source: Speedhunters

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