Fiat 126 with a 3S-GTE Inline-Four

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Fiat 126 with a 3SGTE Inline-Four

Adam Skinner from Taz Racing races a 1991 Fiat 126. Behind the driver sits a 2.0 L 3SGTE inline-four from a Toyota MR2 with a LSD transmission. The engine features JE 86.5 mm pistons, Williams rods, STD crank, STD camshafts, STD head, and 750 cc injectors. The hybrid CT20B turbocharger propels the Fiat to a 12.305 sec quarter-mile at 116.85 mph.

Fiat 126 with a 3SGTE Inline-Four

Source: Taz Racing and Mk1Kieran

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