Fiat 126 with a 3S-GTE Inline-Four Makes 501 hp on Dyno

Fiat 126 with a 3SGTE Inline-Four

Adam Skinner from TAZ Racing races his Fiat 126 with a Toyota 3S-GTE inline-four sitting in the back. Adam recently traveled to Atspeed Racing in Rayleigh, England where the engine made 501 horsepower on their dyno. The engine features STD crank and head, JE pistons, Williams rods, upgraded camshafts, 750 cc injectors, and GT30 turbocharger. … Read more

Fiat 126p with a Turbo Inline-Four

Fiat 126p with a Croma Turbo Inline-Four

This custom Fiat 126p was built by Damian Kurcz in Poland. The body sits on a custom tube chassis with a MacPherson-style front suspension with Kawasaki ZX6R shocks and custom rear suspension using parts from a Opel Tigra and Fiat Uno Turbo. Behind the driver sits a turbocharged 2.0 L 8v inline-four from a first … Read more

Fiat 126 with a Hayabusa Engine

Fiat 126p with a Hayabusa Inline-Four

This wild Fiat 126p was designed and built by Cyclon Motorsport in Brasov, Romania to compete in hill climb events. The little race car is driven by Robert Barabas and sports a custom tube chassis and widebody. The engine is a 1300 cc inline-four from a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle that makes 150 horsepower at 12,254 … Read more

Fiat 126 with a 3S-GTE Inline-Four

Fiat 126 with a 3SGTE Inline-Four

Adam Skinner from Taz Racing races a 1991 Fiat 126. Behind the driver sits a 2.0 L 3SGTE inline-four from a Toyota MR2 with a LSD transmission. The engine features JE 86.5 mm pistons, Williams rods, STD crank, STD camshafts, STD head, and 750 cc injectors. The hybrid CT20B turbocharger propels the Fiat to a … Read more

Honda CBR1100XX Powered Custom Fiat 126

Fiat 126 with a Honda CBR1100XX inline-four

Alessio Arena was filmed racing his unique 1976 Fiat 126 around Autodromo di Modena. The small car called “Red Rocket” is powered by a 1100 cc inline-four from a Honda CBR1100XX that produces 164 horsepower. More photos and videos can be seen in our previous article. Source: Italian Supercar Video