How To Install a Motorcycle Engine in a Honda S600

1964 Honda S600 with a CBR1000RR inline-four

MotoIQ wrote a how-to on installing a 2007 CBR1000RR inline-four and transmission into a 1964 Honda S600. The engine’s 172 horsepower and 76 lb-ft of torque will be a lot of fun in a vehicle that weighs 715 kg (1,576 lb). They estimate the project (including car) was under $10K since they did the fabrication and used motorcycle parts wherever they could. To see all the steps needed to power your small Honda with a motorcycle engine please view MotoIQ’s tutorial.

1964 Honda S600 with a CBR1000RR inline-four

Source: MotoIQ

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  1. I am going to try to put a Yamaha 1200 V Max engine and gearbox in a MG midget. Biggest problem is the final drive from the V Max turns the wrong direction for the differential. Considering flipping the diff over but that brings in other problems. Also the output from the gearbox is offset about 4 1/2″ to the drivers side.
    A 2 piece driveshaft for sure but the thing will need to withstand at least 5000 rpm. That’s a lot for a driveline that’s not set up inline down the center of the car. Plus the Midget is a unibody car with no frame so fabricating mounts ect will be challenging.
    Any ideas welcome !


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