How To Install a Motorcycle Engine in a Honda S600

1964 Honda S600 with a CBR1000RR inline-four

MotoIQ wrote a how-to on installing a 2007 CBR1000RR inline-four and transmission into a 1964 Honda S600. The engine’s 172 horsepower and 76 lb-ft of torque will be a lot of fun in a vehicle that weighs 715 kg (1,576 lb). They estimate the project (including car) was under $10K since they did the fabrication … Read more

Honda S600 with a F20C

Honda S600 with a F20C

The owner of this Honda S600 came to Maztech in Melborne, Australia for some work. The small car is powered by a 2.0 L F20C inline-four from a S2000 that produces slightly less than 200 horsepower to the wheels through individual throttle bodies. Behind that sits a six-speed manual transmission also from a S2000 and … Read more

Honda S600 with a Turbo 2JZ

Honda S600 with a turbo 3.2 L 2JZ inline-six

No matter how many times I see Phil Penny’s 1965 Honda S600 race it never gets old. The little coupe is powered by a 3.2 L 2JZ inline-six that makes 1,200 horsepower to the wheels thanks to a huge 88 mm turbocharger sticking out of the hood. That’s about 200 whp more than he was … Read more

Honda S600 with a 1,000 HP 2JZ

Phil Penny's Honda S600 with a turbo 3.2 L 2JZ

Phil Penny has figured out a way of stuffing 1,000 horsepower into a tiny 1965 Honda S600 that only weighs 2,425 lb. He accomplished this by using a 2JZ that has been stroked to 3.2 L and features resin filled block, GRP aluminum rods, Arias ceramic coated pistons, custom grind Sure cams and Dave Stevens … Read more