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Toyota MR2 with a 2ZZ Inline-Four

2002 Toyota MR2 with a 2ZZ inline-four

The MR2 W30 Spyder came from Toyota with a 1.8 L 1ZZ-FED inline-four that makes 140 hp and 126 lb-ft (171 Nm) of torque. The current owner of this 2002 MR2 swapped to a 1.8 L 2ZZ-GE inline-four after the original 1ZZ blew. They installed the 2ZZ using Monkey Wrench swap parts and retained the factory five-speed manual transmission. The new engine makes 180 hp and 132 lb-ft (180 Nm) of torque. Matt Farah enjoyed driving the car so much that he wondered if the power, price, and power steering makes it better choice than a Lotus Elise.

2002 Toyota MR2 with a 2ZZ inline-four

2002 Toyota MR2 with a 2ZZ inline-four

Source: The Smoking Tire

4 thoughts on “Toyota MR2 with a 2ZZ Inline-Four”

    1. I believe there’s a stipulation stating that you can install a newer engine of the same kind on a car, that most be how it passes smog.

  1. I don’t think this will pass CA smog, the headers and intake will cause it to fail visual. I mean, it will pass if it was a $300 smog check.

    1. correct me if i’m wromg but the celica 2zz was sold in cali, it was slso produced with a precat and secondary air pump so that it would pass the smig test, as was the lotus. So if he’s kept all that stuff then it would pass smog test no problem, i built a 2zz swapped one here in the uk and had no cat, no pre cat and no air pump and it still passed the emmisions test, probably wouldn’t have qualified as a ULEZ vehicle then though.

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