For Sale: 1994 Supra with Chevy V8

1994 Supra with Chevy V8 engine swap

If anyone is interested in a Supra which will get people talking, I have the one for you. Here we have a 1994 Toyota Supra with a 421 cubic inch Chevy small block V8 for sale. It has a 700R4 automatic transmission and many upgrades. If you are interested the owner is looking for $19,900 or a trade.

Source: LS1Tech

2 thoughts on “For Sale: 1994 Supra with Chevy V8”

  1. Still they took out one of the best engines ever built (2JZ) by anyone and put in as Jonny said an abomination. If they had swapped in one of the UZ’s or one of the UR’s if they just had to have that v8 then it could have keep some of it’s dignity

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