Twin Turbo Powerstroke Honda Civic

twin turbo powerstroke diesel honda civic

This is a few years old but I had to post it when I recently stumbled on it. You are looking at a Honda Civic hatchback with a twin-turbo 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel V8 taking absolutely all the space between the front wheels. I am pretty sure this Civic is not running any air conditioning. If anyone has any more info on this please leave a comment.

Source: MyPowerBlock


  1. Toby Ford

    I have a ford 5.0 engine, and would like to put it in 1999 range rover. Could you point me in the right direction because you have a whole lot of motor in that little car.

    • With a lot of money and time anything can be done. Civics were made to run inline-fours in a transverse configuration. So the engine bay is not very deep. The inline-six wouldn’t have too much room in there. Also converting it to RWD would be another tremendous step. It comes down to money/ability/time. Almost everyone online will recommending not to do it.

  2. This is the owner of that power stroke honda . yes it has a little time on it and some money in it.But you know something I build something from the ground up and fabbed everything didnt pick something off the shelf

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