Georg Plasa’s BMW M3 E36 Climbs Goodwood

Georg Plasa BMW M3 E36 with a Judd V8

This BMW M3 E36 was made famous by accomplished German race car driver Georg Plasa. The race car is powered by a 3.4 L Judd KV675 V8 used in Le Mans Prototype racing. Georg piloted the E36 for most of his career before building a newer BMW 134. KW Automotive CEO and founder Klaus Wohlfarth is the current owner of the E36 race car after purchasing it from Georg’s family. The car was rebuilt in the fall of 2017 by KW employees, friends of Georg, and former Georg Plasa Motorsport teammates. Watch as Georg’s friend Joerg Weidinger drives the car up Goodwood at Festival of Speed 2018 for the third fastest time overall.

Source: Goodwood Road & Racing and 19Bozzy92

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