Supra with a Turbo Hemi V8 on Dyno

Toyota Supra with a Turbo Hemi V8

ProSpeed Autosports strapped Duy Bui’s Mk4 Supra called Wasabi Supra to the dyno. The billet 526 ci HEMI V8 built by Arrow Machine only reached about 28 psi of boost before the dyno started having issues. The team estimates it should take 40+ psi of boost from the Precision Pro Mod 106 mm turbocharger. View more photos and details on the project in our previous article.

Toyota Supra with a Turbo Hemi V8

Source: Wasabi Supra FB page

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  1. Ivo

    What’s the dyno’s brand?
    May be it’s the wrong one for that power.
    Use MainLine for anything from 1 to 5000hp.

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