For Sale: BMW E36 Race Car with a S54 Inline-Six

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1996 BMW E36 M3 with a S54 inline-six

This 1996 BMW M3 race car is for sale in Simi Valley, California for $50,000. Under the carbon fiber hood sits a naturally aspirated 3.0 L S54 inline-six that makes 323 horsepower thanks to a tune by Jailbreak Tuning. Power goes to the rear wheels through a E36 five-speed manual with a Clutch Masters FX400 clutch and OS Giken 1.5 way LSD with 4.10 gears. The car currently holds the overall GTA track record for RWD Unlimited at Willow Springs International Raceway and the Autoclub Speedway Infield. It also ran a 1:48:00 at Buttonwillow CW13 and a 1:20.7 at Streets of Willow.

1996 BMW E36 M3 with a S54 inline-six

1996 BMW E36 M3 with a S54 inline-six

1996 BMW E36 M3 with a S54 inline-six

1996 BMW E36 M3 with a S54 inline-six

1996 BMW E36 M3 with a S54 inline-six

1996 BMW E36 M3 with a S54 inline-six

1996 BMW E36 M3 with a S54 inline-six

1996 BMW E36 M3 with a S54 inline-six

Full Specs:

  • 1996 BMW E36 M3


  • 3.0 L S54 inline-six (63k miles)
  • Rod Bearing Recall (28k miles)
  • 323 horsepower
  • Tuned by Jailbreak Tuning


  • Dual Fuel Pump Upgrade to eliminate fuel starvation


  • E36 5 Speed Transmission
  • OS Giken 1.5 Way (4.10 Gears)


  • JRZ Motorsport 11 Series Double Adjustable Suspension
  • Swift Springs: 15kg and 8kg


  • Custom Straight 3” Stainless Exhaust
  • Clutch Masters FX400 Clutch
  • Clutch Masters Aluminum Flywheel
  • VAC Exhaust Headers


  • Setrab Oil Cooler
  • *Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator*
  • Tin/Shrouding Around Radiator


  • Custom Front Splitter
  • GTR Carbon Fiber Hood
  • Carbon Sunroof Delete Insert
  • MA Shaw FRP Doors and Trunk
  • Brooks Motorsports Elite Carbon Wing
  • Flossman PTG Wide Body Kit
  • BMW Motorsports Wrap by Visual Imaging in Huntington Beach
  • MA Shaw 1/8th Lexan Windows


  • CAE Shifter
  • Fully Caged
  • Sparco Halo Seats x2
  • VAC Floor Mount Seat Adapters
  • Euro Cluster w/ Oil Temp
  • AIM MXL2
  • Sparco 333 Steering Wheel
  • Rothsport Racing Steering Wheel Quick Release Hub


  • Porterfield R4 Rear Brake Pads
  • Porterfield ST43 Race Compound Front Brake Pads
  • Hard Motorsport Brake Cooling Duct Kit (7/31/17)


  • Avant Garde F142 Custom Wheels: 18×10 +10; 18×12 -5
  • Hankook F200 C5 Slick: 280/660/18; 300/680/18 (2 Heat Cycles)


  • 2550 lb


  • E36 5 Speed Transmission Rebuild (1 Track Day) (6/31/17)
  • Clutch Fork Pivot Pin (7/31/17)
  • Clutch Slave Cylinder (7/31/17)
  • AKG Diff Bushing (3/24/16)
  • AKG Subframe Bushings (3/24/16)
  • Turner Race Adjustable Rear Camber Arms (2/7/17)
  • Life Line Fire System (3/24/16)
  • CAE Adjustable Shifter Rod (3/24/16)
  • Rear Wheel Hub (2/16/17)
  • Rear Wheel Bearing (2/16/17)
  • Rear Wheel Axel Nut (2/16/17)
  • Front Wheel Bearing (2/16/17)
  • Front Wheel Hub Nut (2/16/17)
  • Spark Plugs (2/16/17)
  • Ignition Coil (2/16/17)
  • Cartek Battery Isolator GT (2/16/17)
  • Ball Joint For Trailing Arm to Control Arm (2/7/17)
  • Turner Fiberglass Intake Duct (7/31/17)
  • New Water Pump and Thermostat (10/30/15)

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