LS4 V8 to 4T80E Guide

LS4 V8 block mated to a 4T80E four-speed automatic

You might remember Furches Performance’s FWD Monte Carlo with a turbocharged LS4 V8 we shared last month. Since then Brandon Furches received many questions about how he mated the LS4 V8 to a 4T80E automatic transaxle. So much so that he made a video explaining how he did it. Listen as Brandon explains how to combine a 4T80E with a LS4 and make sure to read the description (on YouTube) which includes valuable tips not covered in the video.

Source: Furches Performance

3 thoughts on “LS4 V8 to 4T80E Guide”

  1. I’m prepping to do this swap on my cammed 06 GXP. I have HP Tuners and an curious what is needed for the swap (tuning wise)? I may be asking something dumb but I’m just starting this project. If it’s tuneable with my current ecm a copy of your trans tune to get me started would be great if you don’t mind? Thank you for your time.

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