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Video of RWD Ford Taurus with a Turbo 1JZ Inline-Six

2001 Ford Taurus with a turbo 1JZ inline-six

A couple of weeks ago we shared a custom RWD Ford Taurus built by Louis Strianese. He converted the car to RWD using a 2.5 L 1JZ-GTE inline-six, W58 five-speed manual transmission, and Lexus LS400 rear end. Boostinserge caught up with Louis to explain the project and smoke the rear tires.

Source: boostinserge

1 thought on “Video of RWD Ford Taurus with a Turbo 1JZ Inline-Six”

  1. Hey guys, Darren from Australia. Recently I was replacing the intake manifold gaskets and accidentally dropped one of the injector clips down one of the rear intake ports, rear cylinder head off job (great!)
    Seeing as I’ll have to drop the front subframe to remove the head, I’m toying with the idea of an engine swap. It’s a Duratec, AX4N trans. I’m not sure, 4.6 Lincoln VIII Intech maybe?

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