Toyota Supra with a Turbo Viper V10

Toyota Supra with turbo Viper V10

This Toyota Supra was built by Speed Warhouse and features a 2nd generation V10 from a 1998 Viper GTS. The engine with stock internals is producing 700 horsepower on 6 psi of boost thanks to a 118 mm turbo and 93 octane fuel. With a valve spring change they are hoping to run 12 psi of boost. The transmission is a Tremec TR-6060 six-speed from a 5th generation Viper. Wiring Specialists worked with the team to build a custom wiring harness. The build took a total of six weeks with only two guys working on it.

Toyota Supra with turbo Viper V10

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Source: Speed Warhouse via Jalopnik

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