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Formula Drift Engine Bay Photos


Speedhunters posted a great gallery of engine bay pics featuring all kinds of monster engine swaps. Below are the vehicles featured in the gallery in order.

Driver Car Engine HP
Daijiro Yoshihar BRZ 477ci Racing Head Service LSx 950
Darren McNamara S14 410ci Dart Machinery SBC 1200
Micheal Essa BMW 3.2L S54 750
Forest Wang S14 3.4L 2JZ 800
Daigo Saito 3.4L 2JZ 1200
Kyle Mohan RX-8 20B 800
Fredric Aasbø TC 2.7L Toyota 2AR-FE 800
Dave Briggs S14 Mazworx SR24VET 800
Chris Jeanneret S2000 2.5L Honda K24A1 940
Dean Kearney Viper SRT V10 8.0L 1000
Charles Ng G37 LS1 800
Matt Coffman S13 410ci Roush Yates Ford V8 850
Vaughn Gittin Jr Mustang 410ci Dart Machinery SBF 840
Chris Forsberg 370Z VK56 1000

Source: Larry Chen @ Speedhunters

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