Platinum Racing Products Tests Popular Coilpacks

Platinum Racing Products Coilpack Test

Motive Video asked Herman Urriola from Platinum Racing Products to explain how they test popular coilpacks. First they developed their own test rig to measure energy output under different conditions. Then after testing 16 coilpacks, they chose the Nissan R35 coilpack for best performance and cost. Listen as Herman explains their testing procedure and the outcome of the coilpacks.

1102.7 mJIGN-1A (AEM/Haltech)
254.0 mJNissan R35 (Hitachi)
254.0 mJNissan R35 (Hanshin)
254.0 mJNissan 370Z (Hanshin)
254.0 mJSplitfire R35
648.2 mJNissan R35 (clone/Australia)
745.1 mJAudi R8
834.0 mJToyota Yaris (Bosch)
933.6 mJSplitfire RB26
1030.5 mJLS1 (AC Delco)
1129.3 mJLQ9
1225.6 mJDenso Toyota Yaris (real)
1323.7 mJToyota Yaris (clone)
1423.1 mJNissan R35 (clone/China)
1515.6 mJNissan RB25 Series 2 (used)
1615.3 mJSplitfire Silvia S15 SR20

Source: Motive Video

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