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Custom 2WD Tractor with a Cummins V12

Honey Bee custom 2WD Tractor with a Cummins V12

Greg and Glenn Honey are the founders of Honey Bee Manufacturing, a company in Frontier, Saskatchewan, Canada that produces farm equipment. Before the brothers made a name for themselves building swathers, they built their own 2WD tractor on their farm in 1979. They started with a custom chassis made from 2-inch plate steel . Each frame rail weighs 3,000 lbs. To power the tractor they installed a Cummins 28.0 L VTA-1710 V12 that makes 500 horsepower and a lot more torque. Power is sent the the large 37.5×33 Earthmover tires through an Eaton 13-speed transmission connected to a Clark 85000 series planetary axle. The 48,000 lb tractor racked up 6,000 hours working on the farm from 1979-1995. A similar tractor was built in 1980 with a Caterpillar inline-six and is still working on the farm.

Source: Real Agriculture via BangShift

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